by Improvidence

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released February 25, 2014

Tracked and engineered by Brette Ciamarra of Studio 344.



all rights reserved


Improvidence Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

5 Piece metal outfit hailing from Pittsburgh, PA.

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Track Name: Origins Pt. 1
What is the root of your confusion?
Where is your mindset now?
Neglected. Deprived.
Leaving nothing but hate in your eyes.

Rewiring your consciousness to fail.
Abiding by its commands. Being subjected to its control.
Divide yourself. Disconnect from the system.
Abandoned, dissolving into your surroundings.

Disconnect, adapt, and change.
Create a new dimension, a new forsaken plane.
Adapt and change.
Create a new dimension.
Track Name: Origins Pt. 2
At the breath of night I stand torn and broken,
with no perspective of existence.
Destined to live in this condemned hell.
Damned to remind myself; I will survive.

As time begins to lapse,
my lungs no longer draw breath.

I've seen the darkness that lies within.
Like knives; The strings sever through my skin.
Possessing the structure that occupies my mind.

Fearing the darkness.

I've learned to embrace the suffering.
I will cause; negligence; begins to pump in my veins.
Slowly decaying away my pains.

The malevolent entity that resides within me
carries a strain of terrifying strength.
Fearing what I've become.
With it's unquenchable thirst it brings me to my defeat.

Conquering my sanity.
Bringing me straight to my knees.

Binding me down and watching the monuments to my life be abolished.
There is no resurrecting the fragments.
The dust leaves my hands.

The dust now leaves my hands.
Track Name: Detest
Imprisoned among the toxins that are captivated in my mothers essence.
My mind grows dead to this world.
Most it call it a tragedy but I don't need your empathy.

Ran on a fallen fathers image.
Left stranded pondering in my shadows.
Watching the days go by.
Realizing that my anguish is my ally.

As the hatred within plagues my veins.
like hideous tides crafting waves of terror.
That lie deep inside of me,
just like her skin.
All of our memories are left broken.

Are left broken.

Now I recognize that closed doors
should never be opened.
I detest your choice to collapse.
Only caskets can hear your regrets.
Why can't you see that there is nothing left?
Oh mother why can't you see?

Even as I sleep at night,
I can taste the water that took my fathers life.
I know he would never accept this.
Patiently waiting for this abyss to be cured.

Detest your collapse.
Track Name: Harboring Skin (Ft. Wyatt Sheer of Belie My Burial)
Harbor your skin from this world of loathing and hell.

Remain unseen, trailing your veil.

Conceal yourself from this world of deceit
Reoccurring decline.
You can't hide your skins of deceit.
You will regret this.

So why do you drown yourself at the altar?
Is it because you think your praise will save your life?

Harbor your skin.
Now you're just a ghost to me.
An apparition holding a misconception personality.
You've created your own world of self slaughter.

With every step that you take,
as you follow your path.
More of the ground breaks beneath you.
The more I think of it, the more I can't stand to be near you.

Severing ties, you can no longer harbor.
I look down upon you for the abomination that you are.
I look down upon you.

You claim to hold your rise.
Fear no longer, you've lost your disguise.
Revealed a face of failure.
Harboring skins of deception.
Born of misery and hidden regression.
Track Name: Precognition
Reoccurring visions.
Fractured illusions plague my mind.
Am I losing my sanity or am I simply asleep?
Countless compositions.
These fractured delusions infest my perception.

Only in my trance I face the affliction.
It soon becomes my obsession.

I break free.

Redefined memories are confounded in my thought.
Silence conveys my footsteps.

Repetitive theorization.
Many moments have passed.
The silence conveys.
I now fear the need to sleep.
I now abhor the need to see.

As I close my eyes I fear what comes to sight.
Is this just a dream or is this a glimpse of reality?

I awake and I can't bare to take the fate
that has been bestowed upon me.
The still silence lingers in my sleep.
Opening my eyes.
Realizing that my obsessions may,
they may truly exist

With every ounce within me,
I consistently survey for my clouded scheme.
Opening my eyes.
Realizing I can not break free.