Born Well

by Improvidence

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As we rise as we rise in numbers,
We fall victim to a structured experiment.
An inhumane cycle at the turn of our century.
The self direction of human evolution,
manipulated by the royal bloodlines.
Extorting a sense of nationalism.
Conditioned association between genocide and comfort.

Willful ignorance.

Irrelevant excess population;
A threat to an ideal personal space.
To rid the earth of an unforeseen complication.
Mandated exclusion from their divine civilization.

The modern dilemmas of an industrialized society
can not be cured in a way consist with humanity.
Unfit linage deemed profanity.
Accept the dilute fate of a gene pool extinguished.

We are the roots of the holocaust.
Molding fitter families;
By advised selective breeding.
Class and race is what defines you.
Are you safe?

The inhumanity of humanity.
A system to justify their injustices.
Degenerate waste contaminating their society.

Born well;
An upper class fearful of it's laboring counterparts.

We are the poor.
We are the feeble minded.
We are the degenerates.
We are weak.

In time our heritage will be forgotten.
Salvaging a superior race;
Implementation has taken it's place

A perfect future built by mad men,
On the graves of innocent people.


released December 16, 2014
Tracked at Shane Brutal Studio with Shane Mayer

Tracked mixed and mastered at Studio 344 with Brette Ciamarra



all rights reserved


Improvidence Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

5 Piece metal outfit hailing from Pittsburgh, PA.

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